Friday, January 29, 2010

Autogas answer to our petrol problem

Because of the modernization and population increase we frequently experience the shortage of fuel specially the petrol that is widely used for our vehicle today. And with every problem we always get solution. One of the solutions that we have now was the use of Autogas. Autogas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) it is used as a fuel in internal combustion engine in car which also use in stationary applications such as generators. It’s widely used as a green fuel that decreases exhaust emission. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent compared to petrol vehicle. And an octane rating that is between 90 and 110, also an energy content that is between 25.5 mega joules per liter for pure propane and 28.7 mega joules per liter for pure butane that is depending upon the actual fuel composition.
In countries like United States the term Autogas is used to refer to automobile petrol that is used in piston-powered small aircraft. In United Kingdom LPG and Autogas are used interchangeably. While in Italy and Spain Autogas was called GPL. In Asian countries like Philippines the term Autogas is not commonly used as a generic term instead the term LPG or auto LPG is more widely used by consumers, especially by taxi drivers many of whom use converted vehicle that is commonly called LPG vehicles of LPG cars. Many of the taxi drivers in the Philippines already converted their car into LPG car and it is because LPG is less expensive than any petrol and diesel that they used before. Although auto-LPG or auto-gas gets less mileage than gasoline, overall the cost per kilometer is still much lower compare to gasoline. Not only that, auto-gas or auto-LPG also help us in our environmental problems. Studies show that auto-LPG is cleaner than conventional fuel. Auto-LPG typically has around 20 percent less ozone-forming potentials compared to any gasoline-fueled vehicles. It also generates less photochemical smog that may cause cancer and respiratory problems. And have at least 15 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions and 80 percent less toxic emissions. And also LPG cars have lower maintenance cost than any petrol or diesel- driven vehicles.
The Legislative Council of Hong Kong notes that LPG as a gas does not wash lubricant from the cylinder walls of the engine as a gasoline and diesel do. It also has a cleaner burning characteristic that reduce maintenance requirements and cost. They also noted minimized pilferage lesser engine vibration and a power output and torque comparable with petrol engines. Auto-LPG or Auto-gas benefits have been recognized worldwide. There are around 10 million vehicles that are now running on auto gas in more than 40 countries, according to the World LP Gas Association. The leading countries that leading the way in using Autogas include Australia, Turkey, Poland, Russian Federation, Netherland, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Italy, The United States and Philippines. Although Auto-PLG kits are expensive, it is still cheaper than buying a new fuel efficient car.
With all of this good benefits, Autogas or Auto-LPG have been the great solution to both our environmental and the increasing price and demand of petrol. Another thing is that even if you are already using a gasoline-engine car you can still convert it to run on Autogas. There‘s no need for modification all you just need is to install the Autogas conversion kit. With this kind of car you can run either with gasoline or Autogas. But be wise in buying the LPG conversion kit. Buy only to certified stores or shops that really know everything on how to install the conversion kit.